Friday, March 13, 2009

Playtime is a Happy Time

Here they all are. Five of the six cousins on the Hastings side.
They played non stop all weekend, and were happy. I don't recall a fight or cry happening. maybe for a brief moment. It was a wonderful weekend together.
Alyssa and Alex were best friends all weekend and enjoyed dress up and pretend play. Brandon and Izzy were happy doing whatever they do, and Hayden kind of floated back and forth and by himself doing his own thing.
This was a moment of tears a few seconds later when Isabel had her foot stepped on.
At least I captured the happy moment. The castle park.... This park is huge! They have so much fun, but get wore out really fast because there is so much to do.
Love these kids!! :)
We went to Monkey Joe's for some bouncy fun times and pizza.
??? Being Hayden
Backyard playtime
Uncle Matt and Justin put the trampoline back together for the season.
Those are some happy kids!


Kenningtons said...

Lisa, your comment made me laugh! I had no idea anyone (other than my family) ever checked our blog! Mike said he definitely remembers you. With three kids you really are an expert mom in my book. I'm going to check back often to learn all of your secrets for raising children! Most days I feel like I'm in over my head with one! HA!HA!

Liz said...

I LOVE seeing all my nieces and nephews together! Its so awesome!!!! :)

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